Camera carry solutions: harness, holsters and straps

Have you ever wondering how many different options are available to carry your camera gear? In this blog post I will go thru all I have ever used and explain all pros and cons from every and each of them.

1.Standard neck camera strap

Every time you will purchase a new camera inside the box you will find a strap. And thru all the years when I opened a camera the strap landed in a rubbish bin. Why? Because EVERY camera manufacturer includes useless branded piece of kit (a neck strap) just to be visible - free camera straps have brand printed/embossed all over. Neck strap is not comfortable at all, can cause neck pain due to weight of the camera with lens being distributed not correctly.

2.Spider Holster

There is lots of them on the market and they are very affordable. This is my favorite option of carrying camera if the size of the gear allow to do so. Yes, this type is great for a smaller kits. Large DSLR with grip attached could be too heavy and it become not comfy at all. But smaller DSLR’s and mirrorless cameras are absolutely fine. I prefer that solution because is more discrete and the camera is not swinging too much. It is great solution for either one or two cameras. And one more thing, you get what you pay for. Very cheap holster can be low quality and I wouldn’t be sure if you want to carry expensive camera on that one. A bit more expensive, but still affordable one will be more secure.

3.Sling camera strap

This is the option for one camera only for all the cameras. You can use it with heavy set ups or lighter ones. For me it is great option while travelling or during events when I use only one camera at a time. This straps are very popular. Most popular brands are Blackrapid and Peak Design. There is plenty custom made as well like Hold Fast.

4.Double camera straps

This is the most popular lately solution. I am using this one as well. This option is great for long hours, when you use two or three camera all day (and night) and you don’t want suffer from back pain. I would point only one disadvantage - while moving quite quickly, cameras tend to swing a lot. That could be an issue. Once you get used to how to handle such a situation you will be fine. There are plenty of options, from textile, cotton canvas up to leather straps. Personally I love leather straps. Mine are from Russian retailer. I have it for two years now and still performing and looking awesome.

5. Just a neck string

Karolina just LOOOOOVES that option. Me, not so much, but I have to admit for light cameras like Fujifilm xt2 is pretty nice. For sure is cheap and worth to consider. And looks good too.

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